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     At Refuge, we believe that God's inspired Word, the Bible, is clear that He wants an eternal relationship with every person. That relationship begins at SALVATION when the work Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, to provide us with forgiveness and deliverance from sin, is activated as we repent, believe in, and confess Jesus to be our Savior and Lord.

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Once we are saved, that relationship with God grows and develops as we interact with the Holy Spirit, who convicts us, corrects us, comforts us, and guides us into all truth.  We are empowered with supernatural abilities when we are BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRT,  and experience where God's spirit manifests in our lives, and enables us to live and minister effectively through the gifts and abilities of the Holy Spirit.      

At Refuge, we also believe that the work Jesus Christ did on the cross secured HEALING for our bodies and souls. Because of that belief, we pray for and experience healings and miracles regularly. We are also excited about the reality that, according to His Word, JESUS CHRIST WILL RETURN one day to collect His people who will live with Him forever in the place He is now preparing.


To view a full statement of our fundamental doctrines, click the link below!

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